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Carnegie Hall, Kent Tritle, Musica Sacra
Photo...Richard Ten Dyke

Messiah 2013 at Carnegie

One of my favourite places to be is on stage at Carnegie Hall with Kent Tritle standing beside me!  We met a number of years ago and it was as if I had known him my entire life.  Kent is a bountiful musician.  He makes room for every other being on the stage to make their contribution. He guides the musicians in a skillful dance of panoramic emotions.  Kent is a great dance partner!

Musica Sacra Chorus out did themselves...their ability to caress a phrase or mightily declare is astonishing.  We all would be no where, if it was not for the orchestra.  Many of these people have worked with Kent for years and know how to play when he gestures a long phrase from the sweep of his left arm to the tip of his right toe.  They listen to the text and play sympathetically, they are supportive musically and as people.  The synergy on the stage this past December was palpable.  If all of that was not enough - it was a full moon!  There was magic in the air.

One cannot write about singing at Carnegie Hall, without talking about the New York Audience.  I love them!  If they like something, they clap and stand up and cheer and even yell!!!! Our evenings were akin to rock concerts....yes, there was magic in the air.